Moon Magick Astrology Conference

October 19th & 20th, 2019

Discover your unique potential for genius, manifestation, relationships, self-love, overcoming obstacles and healing. A weekend for learning and connection with expert astrologers Jaliessa Sipress, Maeanna Welti & Iris Meredith Bell. The intention for this conference is to provide an inclusive setting that is queer-friendly, with all experience levels welcome! Whether you are just starting to explore Astrology or have in-depth knowledge, this workshop series is designed for all levels to connect and learn. Each day will have a series of three workshops, each guided by a different astrologer with a different theme. 


Featured Astrologers

Maeanna Welti   

Maeanna Welti has been nerding out about astrology for over 25 years.  She has been reading and teaching professionally for the last 5 years. She is a witch and trained priestess and uses the tools and language of astrology in conjunction with her spiritual framework.  Her work is centered in healing and empowerment; informed by queerness, dismantling oppression and connection with the land; and dedicated to the freedom of all beings. Maeanna uses astrology to describe, decipher and nurture who we can be if we are dedicated to healing our personal and intergenerational traumas, and to give us the tools to reveal the ways those wounds and traumas express themselves.  She is self taught, with her primary focus in evolutionary and psychological astrology, and is constantly exploring how astrology and magic inform and support each other. Her astrological writings are dedicated to linking the personal and collective as we respond to astrological weather. Maeanna is a white, queer femme. Prior to diving into her work as a witch, she centered her work and education around intersectional feminism, collective process and art.  She has lived in Olympia, WA, on unceded Nisqually territory, for the last 20 years, and is in the process of relocating to Portland, OR, on Chinook territory.


Jaliessa Sipress 

Jaliessa Sipress is an astrologer, writer, and artist committed to making self-care and spirituality simple. She aims to help women integrate the magic of astrology into their everyday lives in practical ways that ultimately produce the most profound and longest lasting shifts. To learn more about her work, or to book a private session, you can find her at




Iris Meredith Bell 

Iris Meredith Bell has been a witch, ritualist, and tarot reader for over 25 years. She has a passion for mythology, beautiful crystals and stones, and has been  studying astrology for 6 years, first taking courses from astrobarry. She holds an MA in Philosophy and Religion, and a third degree High Priestesshood in the Evensong Tradition of Wicca. Iris is the store manager, buyer, and a tarot reader at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in SE Portland.