Moon Magick Astrology Conference is designed with the idea that anyone with an interest in Astrology can learn and deepen their understanding with the six workshops planned over the weekend. We recommend that you attend all the workshops if possible, but attendees can pick and choose between the two days of the conference. We are not offering tickets for individual workshops.


Day 1:   Saturday, October 19th

Doors open: 11:30am

Astrology & Manifestation: The do's and don’ts of manifestation, according to your sign

Jaliessa Sipress,  12pm - 1:30pm

Manifestation and “the Law of Attraction” can be hard concepts to personalize and know how to implement into your daily life. In this class, we will talk about how the “laws” of manifestation apply to your specific astrological make-up so that you can get anything you want with ease. In this class we will define “manifestation,” and discuss what the energy of each sign can teach us about the process in the format of “dos” and “don’ts.” Through identifying the strengths and weaknesses that each sign has with manifestation, we can become more intimate with the practice and understand our own possible blocks when it comes to manifesting what we desire.  

This workshop will include lecture and discussion. 


Finding the Genius in Your Natal Chart: Why every placement is potentially brilliant

Maeanna Welti    2pm - 4pm

The birth chart is a map of how our psyches can thrive.  A map of how we can live the fullest, most beautiful expression of ourselves into the world.  No part of it can be abandoned if we are to be fully ourselves.  As we study astrology and its meaning in the birth chart, it is common to find areas of our own or others’ charts that we decide are inherently problematic.  We talk about the pitfalls certain planet/sign/house combinations, or certain aspects between planets, in a way that can be liberating, if we are using that naming to help us evolve, but can more often become limiting and self-defeating.  It is important to do what we can to think freely and magically about our charts, so that we can find the genius in these whole, unique maps.In this class we will explore how our cultural conditioning affects our ability to see the innate brilliance of each possible combination.  We will identify cultural filters that particularly influence how we define what is problematic and what is worthy or good.  We will look at the ways those cultural filters interact with our personal wounds and experiences to reinforce the idea that if we could just get past that Mars retrograde in Cancer, for instance, we’d be totally able to function.  We will also explore what we can do to support ourselves in the process of learning how to live out the genius of those “difficult” placements.

Squares, Crosses and What they Teach: Creating conversations within your chart

Iris Meredith Bell   4:30pm - 6:30pm

One of the most disheartening aspects to confront are squares. Rather than a simple opposition, these angles create a dynamic tension in a chart, often one that requires force to be overcome. But fear not! In this class we will dive into sample charts and tell the story that plays out between planets and in our lives. How can we move through these hard angle challenges as they are presented to us, in our natal charts or in our  everyday moments? How does the interplay of elements allow us to reach balance in our approach? 

This class involves interactive discussion, handout and projected images of charts. Participation is encouraged!



Social Hour   6:30pm - 7:30pm

Grab a drink and mingle!  This is time to reflect, connect and inspire each other with ideas and insights gained fom the day. 



Day 2:  Sunday, October 20th

Doors open: 11:30am

The Beauty Beneath: Working with the power of Pluto

Maeanna Welti   12pm - 1:30pm

Pluto’s personal relevance in the birthchart is often overlooked.  Because it moves so slowly, and maps what are, in effect, generations, we neglect to explore the very personal ways in which it teaches us about our own power and healing.  The dominant culture has such a great divide between the collective and the individual that we often fail to understand our own individual capacity and need to bridge those things.In this class we will explore Pluto as a map for personal and generational healing and wounding.  We will look at how to reveal and heal personal power through understanding Pluto in the natal chart, and explore the connection our personal power has with the Plutonic generation into which we were born. 

This class will include lecture, discussion, handouts, and non-linear approaches like drawing and meditation. 



Your Moon is the Method to your Magic:  Using the Moon’s placement for manifestation

Iris Meredith Bell  2pm - 4pm 

Magic makers use the Moon to light their spells and empower their intuition. Are you one of us? In this class, we will discuss the Moon's elusive magic and swift movements, it's connection to glamour and psychic ability, and how eclipse energy changes our spellwork. We'll go over the Moon in each sign and how to harness it’s placement in your own natal chart to choose the best timing for varied types of spells. We will outline different goals of Moon magic, set our own intentions and create a spontaneous community spell. 

This class is comprised of interactive discussion and hands on energy raising work. Bring your ideas and be ready to make magic.



The Astrology of Love and Self-Love: A Modern Perspective: A new take on “compatibility” and how astrology impacts our relationships

Jaliessa Sipress   4:30pm - 6:30pm

Astrology can be both constructive and destructive when used in the context of dating and relationships. In this class, we will address some common questions around how Astrology can either help or hinder us in intimate settings, and give concrete ways to engage with Astrology in a healthy and healing way as we learn to love ourselves and others. This class will address the part of our charts that determine how we act in romantic relationships, whether or not we should look at your partner’s birth chart, if astrological “compatibility” is something to pay attention to, and “shadow sides” and healing in love. 

This class will include lecture and discussion.



Social Hour   6:30pm - 7:30pm

Grab a drink and mingle!  This is time to reflect, connect and inspire each other with ideas and insights gained fom the day.